July 2017 Worldwide Newsletter

New TEDxTalk from because I said I would.

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   because I said I would.

New TEDxTalk:
 is not enough 


75.1% of the population did not volunteer 1 hour to a nonprofit or civic organization in the last year. Alex Sheen, Founder of
because I said I would, volunteered at a new nonprofit organization each week for a year and provides a list of suggestions on how to make the volunteer experience more engaging and exciting.




Local Chapter Promise

For many senior citizens everyday upkeep is not as easy as it once was.
Mowing the grass. Raking leaves. Planting flowers. These activities are no longer things they are capable of doing alone. As we all grow older we will have to ask for help- however it is important to remember that not everyone has family or friends they can call on in this time of need. That is why because I said I would Denver, decided to be that helping hand to three local seniors.


Three groups of volunteers, totaling 20 overall, split into groups to clean up the yards of three senior homes. Together each group raked and cleaned the yard, per the home owner’s requests. Volunteers also planted flowers, fixed windows, and gave each yard their very own because I said I would yard sign!


Chapter Member Spotlight

Q&A with Cleveland Chapter Member: Bree
If you had to say, what is your favorite part of our Chapter Meetups? What has been the most enjoyable Unified Promise you’ve attended?

My favorite party about chapter meetups are meeting other like-minded individuals from around the surrounding counties. Medwish was probably my favorite one that I have attended so far. I worked in a team alongside the Mayor of Rocky River and my best friend. That is when I truly witnessed the impact the movement made on my friend.


Book Update

All of the interviews needed for the because I said I would book have been completed. Although some stories may be added along the way, the book has been reaching milestones and is on pace for completion. The advanced reader copy will be finished on or before December 31st, 2017
 It will be 
reserved for a very limited audience of editors and reviewers.
The book is a collection of supporters’ promise stories, along with perspective on commitment and how to get better at keeping promises. The publicly available edition will be released sometime in last half of 2018. 


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the writing process so far. We look forward to the hope that these stories can bring to the world. If you would still like your promise story to be considered for the book
please submit your story here.


Career Opportunities

We are actively recruiting for two full-time positions located at our Cleveland, Ohio headquarters:
Join our unique team of individuals, including Dr. Trisha Hernandez (VP,
Charater Education, Amanda Messer (Co-Founder) and, Alex Sheen (Founder of
because I said I would) and many others.


We need a range of seasoned professionals and aspiring talent to fulfill our mission. If you are qualified for one of our positions and are good with your promises, we encourage you to apply today. We also encourage you to share the link below with your friends and family who might be looking for this type of career opportunity.




Apply to Join our Board of Directors

Shape the future of because I said I would.
The Board of Directors supports the work of because I said I would and provides mission-based leadership, expertise and fundraising support to growing the movement. Currently at 3 members, we are seeking to expand our board to 6 members. Because I said I would is seeking the addition of board volunteers with professional experience in the areas of marketing, law and finance.
For more information on expectations of board involvement 
or to submit your resume and letter of interest for consideration, please click here