My father was an average man. He was no war hero. He never wrote a book. He never ran marathons. He was a pharmacist. No recognition. No fame. But for everything that made my father “average” and “everyday,” there was one thing he did exceptionally well. He kept his promises. My father was a man of his word.

On the morning of September 4th, 2012, my father died of small cell lung cancer. I was asked by my family to give my father’s eulogy. In those final resting words, I chose to speak about my father and how he treated his promises. Too often we say things like “I’ll get to it” and “tomorrow.” One day there is no tomorrow. The promises we make and keep and those we choose to dishonor define us and this world.

I would title this speech because I said I would. On that day, I handed out for the first time what I would call “Promise Cards” to help remind people of the importance of our commitments. Simply write a promise on the card and use it as a symbol of your honor. I offered to send 10 Promise Cards to anyone anywhere in the world at no cost to them. This would set off a chain of events to the scope of which I may never understand.”

Alex Sheen, Founder

Alex Sheen and his father, Wei Min Sheen.