What is Character Education?

character-ed-flyerLearning English, Math and Science is incredibly important. But, if we are not educating the next generation to be decent human beings to one another, then what’s the point of it all? Character education provides the opportunity for students to build the self-control needed to face life’s adversities. Learning things like honesty, accountability and compassion builds stronger citizens, but that doesn’t happen on accident. We have launched high school chapters, provide personal development activities, and conduct assembly’s to inspire students to be a person of their word. We invest in character education programming because we know some students are one promise away from graduating. The vision of because I said I would is to create a culture of accountability and to train leaders to encourage people to be difference-makers by making and keeping promises to oneself and others, and by actively engaging in humanitarian causes in schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Because I said I would lessons are interdisciplinary learning tools designed for students that can be utilized by educators and counselors alike. Because I said I would was not created to be a flash in the pan movement. We want to initiate action and change, and that is why we have developed Character Education lesson plans. The goal of the Character Education program is to extend the impact of the because I said I would message by teaching character education through the 7 Elements of Honor. Compassion, Contemplation, Self-control, Sacrifice, Honesty, Hope, and Accountability. Ultimately the goal is to be the leader in youth development and leadership as it relates to commitment. We want students and teachers alike to understand the impact on society of promises made, kept, and broken. In order to do this we not only need to focus on youth, but also to influence teachers and adults in the community to become models for students in character education.

Download the Character Education Lessons

Because I said I would has seven character education lesson plans available for you to download at no cost. These lessons provide exciting and engaging materials that educators can easily use. They can be used to supplement a current lesson or as a standalone assignment. The lessons have been designed in a way that allows teachers to adapt them based on grade level, subject, and timeframe. They can also be completed individually or as a group project.
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Support Character Education

Your donations allow us to expand upon lesson plans and to create evidenced-based Character Education curriculum. We believe in the power of commitment. We’ve received hundreds of messages from teachers and students who are very eager to bring the because I said I would message to their schools and classrooms.
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Learn our Character Values

We have seven principles that guide the because I said I would movement. As a social movement and nonprofit about the importance of a promise, it’s important that we state our values and make a sincere attempt to live by them. Use our 7 Elements in your classroom.
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Share Your Story

Have you been using our Promise Cards or Lesson Plans in your classroom? Share your story with us. Inspire others. By sharing your story, you can help motivate others to achieve more in life.
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About the Character Education Committee:
Because I said I would’s Character Education Lessons were created by a committee of educators and counselors in addition to staff at because I said I would. We would like to acknowledge and thank the committee who volunteered their time and expertise to help create because I said I would Character Education lessons. To view who is on the Character Education Committee, click here.