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The goal of a Because I said I would High School Chapter is to build a social-emotional resiliency in students that creates personal responsibility to good citizenship. By teaching students practical skills in honesty, compassion, accountability and self-control, they are prepared to handle mental health issues, succeed in higher education, enter the workforce and lead a more caring life.

Our programs use a research-based, full-year curriculum that includes setting personal goals with peer-based accountability support, character development workshops and service learning projects. Have more questions? Check out the sections below!

Program Content

In this program students have the opportunity to learn new habits and tactics and gain a deeper understanding about making and keeping promises, self-control, compassion, contemplation, sacrifice, hope, accountability and honesty and begin to apply them in new and meaningful ways. Through the capstone project, students will develop community networking skills, use critical thinking skills, build confidence through teamwork and benefit from the positive effects that volunteering can have on mental health.

Program Content

Success Stories

Whether it’s on national news or it’s just a change a mother notices, the promises our students keep make a difference. Their promises are modeled behavior that helps build a culture of personal responsibility in each school. Their personal successes are inspiring, but they also come together to make group promises to help others in need.

Success Stories

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With because I said I would’s global headquarters in the United States, we started our high school chapters locally in 2018 and continue to expand that impact into new geographies.  We currently have chapters in California, Texas, Ohio and the country of Panama.

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