Fundraising Toolkits

Our organization depends on supporters understanding that the betterment of humanity means sacrifice, but sometimes the desire to give may not be enough. For many, our income may not provide us the opportunity to give to humanitarian causes. For others, providing supplies and materials for a project is often too heavy a financial strain to absorb alone.

So, if you want to give to because I said I would, why not use something besides dollars and cents? Why not use your time to fundraise for because I said I would?

Whether you need funding to purchase supplies to complete one of our Volunteer Project Plans or you simply would like to raise money to donate to our character education programming, below you will find 8 Fundraiser Toolkits. These Toolkits are easy to follow step-by-step guides that help you to plan and complete a fundraising event. We provide the tools and information you will need from start to finish, including easy-to-use checklists, accounting tables, and example photos to help you envision what these fundraising events may look like in your community.

You can even adapt the toolkit to fit your group size and needs!

Download all 8!

*Adobe Reader is required in order to view these files, please be sure to download it here if you do not already have it.