Fundraising Toolkits

Our organization depends on supporters understanding that the betterment of humanity means sacrifice, but sometimes the desire to give may not be enough. For many, our income may not provide us the opportunity to give to humanitarian causes. For others, providing supplies and materials for a project is often too heavy a financial strain to absorb alone.

So, if you want to give to because I said I would, why not use something besides dollars and cents? Why not use your time to fundraise for because I said I would?

Whether you need funding to purchase supplies to complete one of our Volunteer Project Plans or you simply would like to raise money to donate to our character education programming, below you will find 8 Fundraiser Toolkits. These Toolkits are easy to follow step-by-step guides that help you to plan and complete a fundraising event. We provide the tools and information you will need from start to finish, including easy-to-use checklists, accounting tables, and example photos to help you envision what these fundraising events may look like in your community.

You can even adapt the toolkit to fit your group size and needs!

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Scavenger Hunt

For a small entry fee, participants can embark on a fun-filled adventure that uses their creativity and skills to locate a list of items. This enriching experience calls attention to the best landmarks your city has to offer, and includes a prize as well!

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“Be the Change” Walk / Ride

Rain or shine, a walk or ride around a park or neighborhood is a great way to get together to support your volunteer project! Participants can donate by using loose change or pledges, and you can even incorporate a theme to add to the fun!

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Bingo Night

Engage with your community by hosting an exciting, competitive Bingo night! Not only will you raise money for your volunteer project, but lucky participants will be able to win prizes as well!

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Flea Market/Garage Sale

Garage Sale. Yard Sale. Rummage Sale. Flea Market. Whatever you call it, selling gently used clothes, household goods, and miscellaneous items can be a useful way to raise money for your volunteer project!

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Movie Night

Provide your community with an opportunity to view a free movie! Offer popcorn, soda, and snacks to accompany the film for a small fee to raise money for your volunteer project!

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Playing for Promises

Make memories by offering unlimited screen-free gaming for your community! Collect old board games from your team members, thrift stores, and discount stores. Participants can pay a small fee to play as many games as they can in 2 hours, 4 hours, or as long as your event allows!

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Talent Show

Show off your community’s musical abilities or a wide variety of talents including comedy, magic, and more! All guests can vote on their favorite act to win, making this event all-inclusive!

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Promise Auction

Let your promises be offered to the highest bidder! Write a promise, auction it off to the highest bidder, and fulfill the promise. Your creativity can blossom in this fun and imaginative fundraiser as you auction off services to your community- going once, going twice, SOLD!

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