Awareness Campaigns

Because we said we would®

It is almost a cultural expectation that promises will be broken in the United States, and in many other places in the world. Combined with other efforts, changing this culture will require awareness campaigns.

Society needs to be reminded that promises still matter and a handshake still means something. If we can keep this thought in the minds of citizens, then maybe important promises will be kept, like quitting smoking, losing weight, or volunteering. Research from the Dominican University of California suggests that reminders are an important part of the goal achievement process.

At one point in time, the thought of “random acts of kindness” or “granting wishes for children” were not well understood concepts. It took a movement of people and awareness campaigns for those efforts to become part of our social norm. We will need the same energy to bring back the importance of a promise.

Our Reach

Because I said I would has reached millions of people through awareness campaigns.

  • +30M media impressions through television and radio
  • +4.7 million views on YouTube
  • +127,000 Facebook followers
  • +647,000 people have attended live presentations
  • +12.8M Promise Cards distributed

Campaign Examples:

“I killed a man.”

On August 9, 2013 a man sent a message to our Facebook page asking for help. We receive thousands of messages each month, but this particular message was unfortunately unique.
Learn more here.

This video inspired other ones including this one which has over 8.8 million YouTube views.

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“One of the most important viral videos of 2013”

826 Notes.

Garth has one daughter named Emma. He has been writing napkin notes for Emma’s lunch box since she was in the second grade. They are just a few words of encouragement, but in the busyness of their separate days at work and school, it’s a moment when they can connect.

Neither one of them knew the extent of what they meant until the chance of having another note was just 5%.
Read Garth’s Story Here.

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“It makes me look at my role as a parent a little bit differently”

-TODAY Show Host