Unemployment Program

Unemployment Transition Program for COVID-19 Job Loss

Mass layoffs immediately increase suicide risks according to the US Department of Veteran Affairs. In the United States, the unemployed have been receiving an extra $600 a week in benefits during the pandemic, but that is scheduled to end on July 25th. By December many will not have any unemployment benefits at all. What happens then? 

Because I said I would is building a program to help the unemployed build emotional resilience and develop leadership skills as they search for a new job. This certificate program will include:

  • Leadership workshop series on social and emotional learning
  • Accountability support groups that meet regularly
  • A capstone promise project focused on helping families affected by COVID-19

The goal of our Unemployment Transition Program for COVID-19 Job Loss is to improve mental health outcomes in individuals who are unemployed due to the economic effects of COVID-19 by providing leadership training that:

  1. Increases the likelihood of life-stabilizing employment
  2. Provides a sense of purpose through volunteerism that supports families of individuals who have died of COVID-19

Our Unemployment Transition Program for COVID-19 Job Loss will begin Fall 2020. If you are interested in receiving more information about our program , please fill out the interest form below.

Unemployment Program Interest Form

After submitting your interest form, you will receive an email providing more detailed information on the program cost, structure and fee. Additionally you will be emailed the link to begin the enrollment process.