Livestream Keynotes

Live Streaming Keynotes provide unprecedented levels of interactivity that in-person events just don’t do well.

Polling, live chat, instant downloadable content and even speeches that change based on LIVE feedback… your audience has more of an opportunity to interact through a web-based speech. So, here are some questions to ask your speaker when you are considering moving a live speech to a web speech:

  • Does your speaker have a live streaming studio?
  • How often does your speaker do web speeches and what do they change to fit the online format? 
  • Ask what kind of camera equipment and lighting they have?
  • Do they use broadcasting software that enables customizable layouts so you don’t have to rely on the shortfalls of webinar software? 
  • Can they share sample video or screenshots?

Because I said I would has done many web speeches in the past. We have a live streaming studio with sound dampening, lighting, a studio microphone and we utilize Open Broadcast Software to create broadcast-quality, customizable webinar layouts (see above). Open Broadcast Software allows us to change the background image and adjust the sizes of the PowerPoint image and the speaker camera feed for a much better audience experience. Let’s admit it: It is hard to keep audiences engaged online, so it is reasonable to expect your speaker to leverage technology to make the best of it. 

Dedicated Studio Space

Canon XA-30 Video Camera

Amplify Livestream Keynotes with Additional Content 

For events moving to the web, this is a great opportunity to extend the impact of your event with new ideas. Here are a couple of ways you can take your web speech further…

Purchase a book for the attendees. A book brings the message physically into the room of the audience member, even if they are sitting at home trying to get their cat off the keyboard. That physical token can go a long way in bridging the gap between an in-person speech and a web speech. We can ship individual copies of our book to a list of addresses you provide. This makes things a lot easier for you. Make sure you ask for group order discounts.

Ask about our post-speech, follow-up content. What can you email your attendees after the online event? Do you know about our many how-to videos, TED Talks, articles, and YouTube content? You are investing a lot of funding into the web speech. Additional follow-up content can add some extra bang for your buck. Consider sending not only an immediate follow-up video from us, but even think about emailing a different message every week for a few weeks after the event. The message shouldn’t die when the camera is turned off. 

Check out the because I said I would book and our YouTube series on how to get better at keeping promises

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