Kay Spatafore, because I said I would Speaker

Kay Spatafore is a seasoned professional in both the business world and the educational space. She is an expert in helping people become the best version of themselves and we are honored to have such a talent on our team.

For because I said I would she develops and presents programs designed to strengthen one’s character. As Chief Operating Officer, she is also responsible for HR management and policies, direct management of several employees, acts as a consultant to the Founders on many different matters and, as a member of our executive leadership team, she has influence in decisions in all areas of the organization from budget to hiring.

Kay will deliver a keynote speech about the importance of honoring your promises. She will tell emotional and inspiring stories that have been shared with her through because I said I would. The keynote will end with a strong call-to-action activity that connects the Promise Cards to the lives of your audience.

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