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Because I said I would is a social movement and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. We created the Promise Card to inspire others to keep their promises, but the movement has grown into something far greater than its origin

A lot of people don’t keep their promises these days. That might just seem like social commentary, but think about how many people promise to quit smoking, graduate, recycle or volunteer… but then don’t. The consequences of broken promises plague the world. Nothing about that is going to change… unless there is something to change it. That is what we are.

Our programs bridge the gap between intention and action through:

Character Education

Learning English, Math and Science is incredibly important. But, if we are not educating the next generation to be decent human beings to one another, then what’s the point of it all?

Our programs are designed to accommodate learners in different populations and utilize character development and promise keeping to teach individuals to be better citizens.

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Our Character Education is delivered through:


Our Chapter Program allows us to deliver character education through skills workshops, accountability team meetings, and volunteer projects. Character development and social-emotional skills are lifelong learning experiences. Research indicates that character can be taught beginning in early childhood and continue throughout adulthood.

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Currently, we offer Character Education Programming through four different types of Chapters: 

Self-Guided Inspiration and Tools

Healthy Promises Kit
Schoolwide Impact Program

Because I said I would creates programs that can be downloaded and used at no cost. Programs like a Book Club Guide, Mentor Kit, Promise Planner and many more! Check out the entire list here.


It is our goal to inspire citizens to be active participants in their communities and to instill a lifelong desire to help others through volunteerism. We provide fully developed plans for projects that make an impact on various social problems; these plans outline the entire process from start to finish. Anyone can use our Volunteer Project Plans as a blueprint for planning and executing your own independent volunteer projects addressing a specific problem in your local community.

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Volunteers in Action

Chapters members make and keep promises as a team and address needs in their local communities through group volunteer projects. Rather than simply joining existing volunteer initiatives, each high school chapter identifies, plans, and executes independent volunteer events. After each volunteer experience, students carefully measure, report, and reflect on the impact of their efforts. Our Chapters have addressed needs such as literacy for youth, community beautification, social connectedness, food insecurity, and care for cancer patients undergoing chemo treatments, among others.

Awareness Campaigns

It is almost at cultural expectation that promises will be broken, in the United States and in many other places in the world. Combined with other efforts, changing this culture will require awareness campaigns.

Society needs to be reminded that promises still matter and a handshake still means something. If we can keep this thought in the minds of citizens, then maybe important promises will be kept, like quitting smoking, losing weight, or volunteering. Research from the Dominican University of California suggests that reminders are important part of the goal achievement process. Because I said I would has reached millions of people through awareness campaigns.
See more examples here.

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100% of donations go directly to our charitable programs because all of our organization’s overhead expenses are covered by our Founder’s speaking engagement fees. Because I said I would® is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt organization. Tax EIN#: 46-1262736

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