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What are College Partnerships? A college partnership is when a campus department (such as Residence Life, Student Organizations, Academic Advising, Student Affairs, etc.) or an already existing student organization (such as a National Sorority or Fraternity, Student Government, etc.) wants to partner with because I said I would to share the message and importance of making and keeping promises.

Our goal is simple.  We want to enable you to share this important message of making and keeping promises on your campus.  A college partnership is a great way to start meaningful conversations on your campus and within your campus community.  We believe that the world would be a much better and brighter place if we all kept our promises. 

For an annual fee of $600 you will receive: A Partnership Pack, A Signature Event Pack, access to a quarterly Character Development Webinar Series, and a partnership newsletter. With these materials you can easily impact your small part of the campus community or go big to affect the larger campus.  You will have materials and guides to help you host promise tables at campus events; such as Orientation Fairs, Organization Fairs, Homecoming, Parents Weekend, host meaningful discussions and character development at weekly organizational or departmental meetings, and the opportunity to host an annual because I said I would signature event on your campus. 

A because I said I would Signature Event is a fully developed program that is easily replicated on campus. It is intended to help you spread the message of promises as well as encouraging community conversations based on character. We have two Signature Events currently available; an Annual Promise Day and a 30 Day Promise Challenge.

“We gained a lot of interest at the Campus Life Night event, and we wanted to thank you again for those supplies/PR materials that you sent! They helped immensely, and we collected over 75 emails for students interested”

Alyssa Brehmer, Grand Valley State University

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To learn more about College Partnerships check out our FAQ Page HERE.
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