College Partnership FAQs


What is a College Partnership?

A college partnership is when a campus department (such as Residence Life, Student Organizations, Academic Advising, Student Affairs, etc.) or an already existing student organization (such as a National Sorority or Fraternity, Student Government, etc.) wants to partner with because I said I would to share the message and importance of making and keeping promises.


What is the annual fee and what is included as a part of the fee?

The annual partnership fee is $600 and includes a Partnership Pack, Signature Event resources, a because I said I would Partner Newsletter, and access to personal development videos.  These items are designed to help you share the mission of making and keeping promises on your campus.


What is included in a Partnership Pack?

A Partnership Pack includes the following:

  • Promise Banner
  • 2000 Promise Cards
  • 500 Wristbands
  • Dry Erase  Promise Cards
  • because I said I would pop up banner

You will also receive access to the College Partnership Web Portal. This allows you to view and download:

  • Promise Wall Program Instruction Guide
  • Promise Planner Program Instruction Guide
  • Printable Promise Planner
  • Information on starting a because I said I would Book Club
  • Signature Event Resources
  • Book Club Instruction Guide
  • Brand Guide
  • 25% off coupon at the because I said I would store
  • Additional Resources: Volunteer Project Kits and Fundraising Kits

The partnership pack will be mailed to you after you pay the annual fee. You will be emailed information on how to access the College Web Portal as well.

What is a Signature Event?

A Signature Event is an annual event that you coordinate to spread the message of because I said I would.  You can choose to do this event campus-wide or within your campus department.   The two Signature Events we have are an Annual Promise Day and a 30 Day Promise Challenge.


The Annual Promise Day is a celebration of promises.  This is a perfect all-campus event.    Your goal for the day is to have members of the campus community learn about and complete a Promise Card.


The 30 Day Promise Challenge is an in-depth challenge to make promise keeping a habit.  This is a great organization-wide or department-wide program.  Your goal is to have members of the campus community sign up to participate and then try to complete as many of the daily challenges as possible.  The daily challenges are related to character development and making promises to self, promises to others, promises to the community and promises for humanity.


What is included in  the Signature Event Resources?

Our Signature Event Resources include everything you need to coordinate a signature event on your campus.  You will receive access to the Signature Event resources via the College Partnership Web Portal.


How do I begin a College Partnership?

If you are interested in bringing a College Partnership to your Campus, please complete a College Partnership Interest Form.  Once you complete and submit the form you will receive notification of further steps and timeline for the partnership program.