because I said I would: the podcast.

Hosted and narrated by Founder, Alex Sheen, the first season of because I said I would: the podcast features 8 compelling episodes featuring interviews with people around the world.

A single promise can change a life forever. And every promise has a story. Hosted and narrated by Founder, Alex Sheen, the first season of because I said I would: the podcast will feature 8 compelling episodes featuring interviews with people around the world. You will hear the dramatic stories of promises they have made, kept and even broken.

*Warning: some content in these episodes may be difficult and disturbing to listen to. If you have children, you should screen the episodes and make a decision for yourself about appropriateness of the content.

Ep 8. A Dangerous Stalker: Debbie’s Promise to Her Sister Peggy – This is the story of big sister’s love for her little sister. Peggy’s boyfriend started acting strange and the whole family was worried. Her older sister Debbie saw the red flags. They were impossible to miss. Stretching from Ohio to New Mexico to California, the actions of a deranged man would impact the lives of everyone who surrounded Peggy.

Ep 7. A Bomb is Like an Onion: Bob’s Commitment Is Tested at the Boston Marathon -In this episode, Alex speaks with Bob, a retired Fire Paramedic from Boston, as he recounts the harrowing and tragic events that occurred on April 15, 2013, the Boston Bombing. It’s a dramatic recollection of one of our nation’s most darkest hours, yet Bob brings light to it through courage, selflessness and leadership… traits that only a true Patriot, a brave fireman and a proud father, possess.

Ep 6. Famous Father: Bridget’s Last Promise to Her Dad -Amongst the glitz and the glam of a childhood brimming in Hollywood royalty, Bridget – now a retired marriage, family and child counselor from Charlotte, North Carolina – gave one final nod to her family’s legacy by making a promise to her Dad.

Ep 5. Give Him a Strong Name: Brittany and Her Boy – Brittany is a realtor in the Denver, Colorado area where she has lived her entire life. For a realtor, Brittany understands a strange amount of complex medical terminology. She did not gather this knowledge out of some sort of personal interest or past career. The knowledge came out of necessity. As a wife and a mother, she needed to understand what the doctors really meant when they were talking about her family.

Ep 4. Sabrina and the Storm: A Family’s Journey Through Natural Disaster – Sabrina had just started a promising career and family in a cozy New Orleans suburb. The horizon was bright. But in 2005 as Hurricane Katrina crashed toward the coast it would not only wreak havoc on land, the storm would take a disturbing toll on her family’s entire existence.

Ep 3. Almost There: In the Shoes of Homelessness – This episode features an interview with Derek, an accomplished entrepreneur and activist, determined to better the lives of those around him. The seed for Derek’s promise was planted when he was a homeless young man moving to and from shelters with his mother. This seed would eventually blossom into a major life event that would alter his future and inspire a 400 mile journey to our nation’s capital.

Ep 2. Girl in the Hallway: Laura’s Addiction in the UK – This episode features the harrowing life story of Laura, a mother of two from England. As a kid in school, one incident in the hallway seemed to push over a domino that would keep falling for the rest of Laura’s life. Her promise is a journey through the perils of what happens when you open the door for substance abuse… and when a kid has to walk through that door with you.

Ep 1. Alex and The Yupik People: Child Protection in the Alaskan Wilderness -The first official because I said I would podcast episode features an interview with a gentleman named Alex, a former Forensic Investigator for Child Protective Services (CPS) in rural Alaska. There, he served the impoverished but resilient population of the native Yupik people for nearly 14 years. One day, Alex found himself in a physical altercation at a meth lab that necessitated a promise to his son.

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