The because I said I would Resiliency Series

Life of a Promise Workshops

Six workshops; 45 minutes each

Six 45-minute workshops, led by five-time TEDxTalk presenter Alex Sheen, designed to help attendees build resiliency and leadership skills that are particularly relevant during the pandemic. These sessions will share practical habits and tactics that help individuals navigate the promises they have with their families, communities and causes they care about. Alex will give out prizes, live chat and interact with the participants through his purpose-built livestream studio.   


  1. The Life of a Promise: Why Promises are Made, Kept and Broken
  2. Honor in Accountability: Best Practices that Build Respect
  3. Trust & Communication: How Promises Build and Break Relationships  
  4. Time Management Habits: Approaching Commitment with a Plan
  5. Self-Control: Understanding the Four Types of Self-Control  
  6. Limiting Beliefs: How Negative Thinking Prevents What Is Clearly Possible

Weekly Accountability Groups for Your Team

The because I said I would staff will teach a select group of your staff on how to lead Accountability Groups that are designed to meet weekly. These moderators will help ensure positive, productive and heartening sessions focused on the promises your staff chooses to make for themselves.

Because I said I would Ambassador Program

10 of your most passionate staff members will be selected to participate in a because I said I would Book Club and a because I said I would Podcast Club. Ten personalized and autographed books are included. This Ambassador program is designed to create a group of champions in your organization who will encourage the importance of a promise far beyond the end of this program.

Access to Video Content & Exercises

Your trained team will be able to share their learnings with others (including their family members) through our animated video series and workshop exercise documents.  

Unbundled Price:$56,500
This Package: $30,000 with 100% to charity (46% discount)
Light version including half of the workshops:$22,000 with 100% to charity

For More Information

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Director of Speaking Engagements

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