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Because I said I would offers programs that build ones character through teaching concepts like honesty, sacrifice and self-control and encourage good citizenship through volunteerism.

All of our programs are founded on Character Education best practices and our Code of Honor.

What is Character Education?

Learning English, Math and Science is incredibly important. But, if we are not educating the next generation to be decent human beings to one another, then what’s the point of it all? Character education provides the opportunity for students to build the self-control needed to face life’s adversities. Learning things like honesty, accountability and compassion builds stronger citizens, but that doesn’t happen on accident. Our programs bridge the gap between intention and action.
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Promise Cards

Promise Cards help hold you accountable to your commitments. They have been used in many different ways in over 150 countries, but it all started when Alex Sheen created the Promise Card to honor his dad. Cancer took his father’s life in 2012, but Alex chose to focus on how his dad lived, not how he died. Alex’s dad kept his promises. Since then, Promise Cards have been offered through this website at no cost.  We have distributed over 12.8 million Promise Cards to over 153 different countries, by request only.
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Stories from around the globe

Behind each promise is a story. This is just a small sample of the promise stories have been shared with because I said I would through social media and on this site. Our hope is that these promises inspire you to make promises that better yourself, your community and humanity. Many of the problems that impact the human race can be solved when enough individuals make the commitment to do the right thing.

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What would you have done?
Her name is Cricket.
Parker is a dad


Our Chapters are another way our is character education programming is used in action. Character development and social emotional skills are a lifelong learning experience. Research indicates that character can be taught beginning in early childhood and continuing throughout adulthood.
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We have four types of chapters.

Currently we offer four different type of Chapter Programming including:

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Promise Inspiration and Tools

Our programs are designed to accommodate learners in different populations and utilize character development and promise keeping to teach individuals to be better citizens.

Because I said I would creates programs that can be downloaded and used at no cost. Programs like a Book Club Guide, Mentor Kit, Promise Planner and many more! 
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What types of resources are available?

Resources range from group activities to individual action plans. These tools can be used in all types of settings and modified to fit your specific needs.

Healthy Promises Kit
Schoolwide Impact Program

Awareness Campaigns

It is almost at cultural expectation that promises will be broken, in the United States and in many other places in the world. Combined with other efforts, changing this culture will require awareness campaigns. Society needs to be reminded that promises still matter and a handshake still means something.

If we can keep this thought in the minds of citizens, then maybe important promises will be kept, like quitting smoking, losing weight, or volunteering. Research from the Dominican University of California suggests that reminders are important part of the goal achievement process. Because I said I would has reached millions of people through awareness campaigns.
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Most viral campaigns

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