Character Development in Corrections

The because I said I would Code of Honor teaches honesty, accountability, compassion, contemplation, hope, sacrifice and self-control.  The Corrections Programming we offer targets interpersonal problem solving that has been found to improve conduct in the prison and reduce recidivism.

 The core components of the Corrections Chapter program teach both adult and juvenile offenders to understand and practice skills through character development and social emotional learning.  Workshops consisting of videos, discussions and promise planning help them to recognize that self-control is not easy and to understand cause and effect. 

“As a father and a human being I made the promise to live up to my word. Many of the offenders at Pendleton did not have that as an example. To be successful you need to keep your promise and the because I said I would program’s goal is to provide an understanding, tools and resources of making and keeping promises” -Jeff King, Community Involvement Director/Legion Advisor, Pendleton Correctional Facility

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The goals of the Corrections program are to understand cause and effect, recognize that self-control is not easy and practice skills through character development and Social emotional learning.  If you are interested in bringing this program to a correctional facility or juvenile detention center please fill out the form below .

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