Adult Communities

Read the Frequently Asked Question Page for more details on the cost of registration and what is provided to your Community. 


Gather a group of peopleThis could be friends, family, coworkers, or community members.
The size of your group can be small or large- as few as 5 or as many as you can gather. Consider making your community “open” which allows others to find and joinSubmit the application formSubmit the application form with information on your community, including name, location and intention.
Once submitted, a link will be sent to you that allows your to register, select your welcome package and pay the registration fee.Register and order your welcome kit Our welcome kit provides materials like promise cards to help run your community. We offer two size welcome packages to accommodate different group sizes- small and large.
Registration with a small welcome kit is $100 and registration with a large welcome kit is $399.
Plan your first meeting Once registered, you will be able to access the Community web portal. To plan your first meeting, login and use the provided resources to get started.
Set a date/time and location for your first meetup and invite your members.
Consider meeting at someone’s house, a coffee shop, your public library etc. just find a location that works for your community! Host your first official Community meetingAftering planning, host your first official community member meeting.
Go over the selected series and work on getting better at your own promises. Communities are designed to meet one a month, but you can meet more often if you choose!
Plan your next meeting and watch your community grow.

Getting started is easy.
Submit the form below to begin.

To begin your own because I said I would Community, please fill out and submit the registration form below. Once approved you will be emailed the link to select your welcome kit size and pay the annual registration fee. For more information on the registration fee, welcome kit and more please check out our frequently asked questions HERE.