Our Code of Honor

7 elements of honor

The following seven principles guide the because I said I would movement. As a social movement and nonprofit about the importance of a promise, it’s important that we state our values and make a sincere attempt to live by them.

The Elements of Honor are not in any particular order.

Compassion: Through my actions I seek to alleviate suffering, establish peace, and build happiness with others and in myself. I recognize that the world is in great need.  Because of this need, I am needed. My belief in the importance of a promise is strong; however, I know that doing what is right will always be more important than keeping a promise. Commitment holds me accountable to my compassion; it does not blind me of it.

Self-Control: My greatest battle lies within. Control over one’s own emotions, desires and actions often defines the success or the failure of a promise. I work to build self-control so that I may better myself and the world around me.

Sacrifice: It is an unfortunate reality that the betterment of humanity requires sacrifice. Voluntarily giving away what we cherish, even if for a greater cause, is difficult. I accept that life is not easy. Decisions must be made, and so sacrifices as well.

Honesty: I seek to live a life where what I believe, what I say and what I do are all in harmony. I should treat others the same way I think I should be treated. As I work to be honest with others, I cannot forget that I must also be honest with myself. The truth is often both hard to deliver and desperately needed.

Hope: I believe that both I and the world around me can get better. I have hope and I wish to be what others have hoped for. I may not be around to see the impact of my promises, but I have faith that my actions were needed then and that they are needed now. I believe in the impact of a single individual. I have hope that others can believe the same.

Contemplation: I reserve time to understand the world and attempt to understand my place in it. When I see that my commitment is needed, I remember that promises are not easy to keep. I believe in planning and careful consideration. My words and actions have consequences. I should be patient with both.

Accountability: I must be willing to accept personal responsibility for what I have done and what I have failed to do – both in what is good and what is not. Accountability helps me understand that my decisions have consequences. I help hold others accountable, but before I become too upset with the broken promises of others, I remember that I too have weakness.

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