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Ten Promises That Will Make You Think…

Three years ago, my dad died of small cell lung cancer. He was good with his promises. At his funeral, I handed out what I called a “promise card”. That moment set off a chain of events to the scope of which I may never understand. Three years later and we have distributed over 4.47 million cards. As the Founder of because I said I would, here are some of my favorites:

1.) This person randomly found a wallet. The world would be a better place if strangers were kind like this.

drivers license

2.) I’m more of a dog person, but this is still legit.


3.) A Fourteen-year-old girl in Brunswick, Ohio wrote this one. Two kids in her school system committed suicide. She doesn’t know how to stop bullying, but she knows how to keep a promise.

lunch table

4. Laurie has a fear of needles…but she knew if she could get over that fear, she could help someone through injury or sickness.

Fear of needles


5. The greatest of ambitions. We are a humanitarian nonprofit, so this isn’t what we aim for… but it still made me laugh 🙂

christmas lights

6. This girl (Paige) is a baker, but wasn’t sure how to help others. She found a nonprofit that gives birthday cakes to sick children. Paige made this insane cake for a 1 year old kid who had a chronic lung disease. She asked her boyfriend drive the two-hour trip so she could hold the cake down so it wouldn’t get damaged.

paige fb pic

7. Matthew killed a man in a car crash while drinking and driving. He recorded a confession video with me prior to charges being pressed. I would release the video to YouTube and it would go viral over night. Matthew is in prison now. Watch the confession video. 

matt corde spost

8. Garth has cancer and promised to write one napkin note for every day of class his daughter Emma has left until she graduates from high school. The notes will be there even if he can’t be. We shared his story and it would spread around the world. See his interview on The TODAY Show.

facebook garth

9. I just like this person’s hand writing. Plus, if you want to be good with your promises you have to plan things out more than most people will. Your calendar and time management are critical.


10.) She wrote this card and put it in her car. Every time she got in the car she would put in on her phone and twist it as a physical lock screen. A reminder that she cares more about the safety of a stranger than a text that can wait.

dont text and drive cover

There are so many more promise stories to share. Selecting ten does not do the movement justice. Our supporters have made promises to improve themselves, their families, their communities and causes around the world. Their stories are captured not only in pictures, but in videos as well. This nonprofit, and our website, is dedicated to bettering humanity through promises made and kept. This site is not for emotional entertainment. We hope the stories of our supporters drive you to action. The world is in great need and talk is cheap. It is time to act.

Request your promise cards today at or print them today.