September 2015 Worldwide Newsletter

The Future of because I said I would.

The Future of because I said I would.
Dear Supporters,,
Earlier this month we announced that we are starting local because I said I would chapters around the world (the Echo Program). The response has been tremendous! In the past 26 days, we have added over $30,000 to the $107,000 of existing funding for this important program. 


With only three days left in the fundraising campaign, we need only $61,600 to start our initial ten chapters. Donate today and help us change the course of human history for the better! More info:


Progress bar.
It is the “because I said I would” way to do the best you can with what you have. We still have great hope that our supporters will help us reach our fundraising goal, but if we do not, we will not give up. We will have to start fewer chapters with less momentum, but we will forge on.


Alex Sheen, Founder

Official Announcement

1.) Colonel Parker Schenecker joins staff.

Colonel Schenecker joins because I said I would staff.

Colonel Parker Schenecker will be joining the because I said I would team full time as our Chief Echo Leader. He will be responsible for managing our chapter program by supporting our local Echo Leaders around the world.


Colonel Schenecker served 27 years in the U.S. army with over 20 deployments in the Middle East. On January 28th, 2011, while serving overseas, the Colonel would be informed that his wife had shot and killed their only two children. He made a promise at his children’s funeral to live in honor of their memory. Mr. Schenecker sees his new role in our organization as a part of fulfilling that promise. He recorded a short video message about his support for the Echo Program that we included in this video.
Learn more about Colonel Schenecker’s background and watch his speech video about his children here:


Featured Promises


1.) How do you explain because I said I would?


Quickly explain because I said i would to others.

Do you have a hard time explaining because I said I would to someone?
We’ve selected ten promise cards that we often uses to explain because I said I would to others. See what we use to quickly explain the importance of a promise.

2.) A determined sixth grader.

Eugene's sixth grade promise

Eugene Lim is in the sixth grade. He’s young, but trust us… he understands commitment. Once a week, Eugene’s family drives him to the Northern Illinois Food Bank where he volunteers to repackage donations for food pantries.
Because I said I would gave an assembly speech at Eugene’s school about the importance of a promise. His dad said, “As a result, Eugene has followed through with his commitment to make a difference in his community by volunteering.”
The food bank has a “Youth Volunteer of the Year” award. Guess who won? 🙂

Read this great newspaper article about Eugene

We hope to eventually start official because I said I would clubs in schools that will inspire young people like Eugene. Right now we have the interest from teachers and principals, but we don’t have the funding to create this structured program yet. By starting with adult chapters first (the Echo Programwe hope to create the local leadership needed to work with schools when we are ready. 
Share the story about Eugene with this link


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