Time Management: How to Master the Most Valuable Resource

About this video

Time management is an underrated skill set. A person of their word keeps their priorities in order, prevents overlapping commitments and shows up on time. This video includes 3 TIPS that could help you reach your goal and keep your promise.

Watch  the video and then use these questions to get a deeper understanding of the topic.

  1. Challenge: Get family or friends to track how they spend every minute for the next 3 days. That includes sleeping, eating, video games, social media, work – everything. At the end of the challenge, look at how you spend your time. You will see how much time you actually have and where you spend it. Are you spending your time doing the things that are most important to you?
  2. Use the three tips from the video:
    1. 100% Calendaring
    1. Dice up your Promises
    2. Prioritize
      Create a calendar for each family member or friend. Plan your week. Use the info from the challenge to help guide your choices. Put the calendars somewhere where you can use then (this may be on a device like your phone, or a fridge). Check in at the end of the each day to see how your time management skills are working.
  3. After watching the video, take a few minutes to talk about times that you overscheduled, or didn’t keep a promise because you simply forgot. How did it affect you and others? Remember, calendaring can help your relationships by helping you make sure you keep your promises.

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