Casie’s 18 year old sister died unexpectedly…

In April of 2004 Casie’s 18 year old sister died unexpectedly and without any confirmed reason. When asked about the details of her sister’s death, she didn’t want to elaborate. “How it happened doesn’t really doesn’t matter at this point because I can never get my sister back” Casie said.

Most of us need closure to move forward through tragedy. But how does one move forward when closure isn’t an option? This was the dilemma Casie faced.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had two options — I could curl up in a ball and stay in bed forever, OR I could get up, put some clothes on, and live out loud…for her.”

Sometimes living vibrantly after a loss is the only way to keep someone alive in our hearts. Now, with every choice Casie makes, the memory of her sister carries on between memory and the potentiality of a life yet lived.