Her heart was racing at 381 beats per minute…

The Mayo Clinic defines Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) as an abnormally fast heartbeat. Kim has always lived with the condition but that wasn’t the trigger that sent her life into a tailspin. In 2012 Kim had two friends living at her apartment. They were down on their luck and Kim wanted to help them get on their feet. One day, after Kim had unexpectedly lost her job, she arrived home to discover that her apartment had been ransacked. Her friends had stolen all of her rent money and vanished. With no job and no money she was evicted.

“After that day I just felt like I had no control. I ended up using drugs because I wanted to be numb to my own life’, Kim remembers. Unfortunately, masking our pain with substance abuse only creates more problems. “I ended up in the hospital and because of the drugs and my SVT, my heart was racing at 381 beats per minute.”

At that very moment in her life, Kim could have focused on the betrayal… or on her mistakes… but maybe it was time to move on.

It’s OK to dwell on our mistakes, but only long enough to fix them. Kim survived, chose to move forward and has been sober for almost two years now.