Volunteer Project Plans

Step-by-step guides to service projects in your community

We provide the tools and information you will need to plan and complete service projects in your community, start to finish, including easy-to-use checklists that divide the project into distinct roles that work together to get it done. You can even adapt the plan to fit your group size and needs. So, grab a few friends and a Volunteer Project Plan, and start making a difference in your neighborhood today. We put it together so you can take it apart!

Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevention Day - Volunteer Project Plan
Learn, connect and get tangible tools to help with difficult feelings.

Home Fire Safety

Help others prepare by installing alarms, replacing old batteries and making an escape plan.

Storymaking with Seniors

Create a story with residents of a Senior-living facility and share it with their friends and family.

Birthday Party for Homeless Children

Host one birthday party for a group of children currently staying in a homeless shelter with their family.

Freeing up Time for Families in Crisis

Do chores and other errands for a family in crisis to allow them to focus on healing.

Recognizing Unsung Heroes

Celebrate the everyday people who quietly and consistently keep their promises to others.

Bikes for Foster Children

Gather and fix up donated bikes for children living in a foster care facility.

Trash Cleanup Bingo

Pick up trash and cross the items off on your BINGO card as you go.

Sobriety Support Packs

Fill backpacks with essential supplies for people who have completed residential substance use treatment.

Comfort for Hospitalized Children

Provide distraction, comfort, and a little fun by creating care packages for children and caregivers enduring extended hospital stays.