Promise Cards

Promise Cards help hold you accountable to your commitments. They are used in many different ways around the world. It all started when Alex Sheen created the Promise Card to honor his dad. Cancer took his father’s life in 2012, but Alex chose to focus on how his dad lived, not how he died. Alex’s dad kept his promises. Since then, Promise Cards have been offered through this website at no cost. We have distributed over 13.1 million Promise Cards to 178 different countries, by request only.

There are three ways to get your Promise Cards:

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Before requesting cards, please consider printing the cards. This helps reduce our environmental impact. Need more than 10 cards mailed to you? You can buy large quantities in our store by clicking here.

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Print Promise Cards at No Cost

Download and print your cards and you can get started making meaningful promises today.

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Buy Promise Cards in Bulk

Because I said I would sends 10 Promise Cards to anyone in the world at no cost, but sometimes you need a few more. Whether it’s for students, your family or a volunteer organization, you can order larger quantities of Promise Cards here.

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