Promise Card Program

A Single Promise Can Change a Life Forever.

People aren’t very good at keeping promises. All you have to do is consider statistics on New Year’s resolutions, divorce or political campaigns to illustrate this. Much of this is due to emotion, haphazard word choice, lack of planning and poor memory. The Promise Card gives people a reason to contemplate, a place to write, something to share, a physical reminder and motivation to follow through. 

The Promise Card was introduced by because I said I would Founder, Alex Sheen in 2012 during his father’s eulogy as a way to honor his dad, who’s greatest attribute was being a man of his word.

You are more likely to keep a promise if you write it down.

Utilizing volunteer labor from individuals, groups, adults with disabilities, court ordered community service hours and correctional chapters for assembly and preparation, the Promise Card Program benefits both volunteers and recipients. 

Promise Card recipients receive follow up messages offering tips, tactics, tools and resources to support making and keeping their promises. In return, supporters share their Promise Stories to help hold themselves accountable and inspire others. 

Dave’s promise saves lives.

After a dramatic near-drowning incident while winter surfing in Lake Erie, survivor Dave Benjamin made a promise to dedicate his life to promoting water safety. Dave started the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, a chapter of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, and introduced a curriculum that promotes “flip, float and follow” for safe return to shore. He has delivered his message throughout the Great Lakes Region and beyond.

The Promise to Testify

What began as an innocent date left one young woman the victim of a sexual assault. Her courageous promise to testify against her rapist may have saved others from the same fate and empowers victims to speak up despite difficult circumstances.

For just pennies and the cost of postage, because I said I would can continue to honor the organization’s founding promise to send ten Promise Cards to individuals, anywhere in the world by request only, at no cost to the recipient. Additional funding could expand promise support, including the development of user based tools, peer accountability programming, assessments and referrals for professional services.

A $50 donation can cover the cost of materials to send ten Promise Cards to fifty-nine supporters in the United States or thirty-four throughout the world. That’s potentially hundreds of kept promises for just pennies each! $500 could cover the startup costs of a peer accountability program online.

because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. We are changing lives through Promise Cards, chapters of volunteers, character education in schools and prisons, and awareness campaigns with global reach.