She almost forgot her dream…

Some of us are fortunate enough to discover a passion that brings joy to our hearts. For Katherine, reading the novel ‘The Other Boleyn Girl” by British author Philippa Gregory was her moment. “It was the first time I thought that maybe I could be a writer too one day”, Katherine remembers.

However, as she faced adulthood, the prospect of pursuing her passion looked overwhelming and uncertain. She decided to keep her passion a secret and embarked on a more practical path. But after attending multiple colleges around the country and pursuing several majors, the result would be the same. A loss of interest and academic probation.

Although she felt defeated, Katherine returned home to Georgia and decided to give College one last chance. “It was during an English class that everything changed for me. I told my teacher and the class that I have always wanted to write a historical fiction novel. It felt so freeing finally say it out loud.” Her teacher suggested that she enter a writing competition for a chance to attend the Georgia Writer’s Conference. Katherine opened her laptop and did what she always wanted.

She wrote.

Katherine won the competition and attended the conference. She is currently on the Dean’s list and launching her first blog in the coming months.