Because he loved them…

When Roger was in junior high his parents divorced and he moved to Ohio with his mother and siblings into a crowded shared house. He spent most nights sleeping on the cold floor or in a tiny closet. “It’s just the situation we were in”, Roger remembers.

Maybe that’s why this past February his ears perked up after hearing a statistic about how many children don’t have beds in his home county of Lorain, Ohio. That is when Roger’s instincts as a former Marine kicked in and he decided to do something about it. He sought out a nonprofit called Sleep in Heavenly Peace that makes bunk beds for children in need. Roger hopped on a plane to their headquarters in Idaho, learned how to make a bed from scratch and subsequently started his own chapter back in Ohio. What may seem like a rash decision to some, to a Marine, this was an obvious opportunity to take action.

In just a few short months, with the help of volunteers and sponsors, Roger and his team have built 30 single beds for children all over the Lorain county.

“It’s all worth it when you see the smiles on faces of these kids. There was this one little girl who asked: why are you doing this? I told her, because we love you”.

Find out more about the important work that Roger and his fellow volunteers are doing HERE.