NEVER give up what you want most for what you want now!!

“NEVER give up what you want most for what you want now!! This took me over a year of consistency and anyone struggling right now with not seeing results please listen; results dont happen over night or even a few weeks for most people. It happens over a long period of time, be patient with yourself and believe in the process! Drink your water, stick to your eating plan, exercise regularly and keep it consistent.

Writing it down and taking a ton of pictures helped me through my ups and downs. There will be tears, there will be sore muscles and moments when you feel like you’re missing out or doing it for nothing but YOU’RE NOT! I know first hand what its like to be discouraged & tempted to quit, but please, do yourself a favor and stay strong, dig deep within and find the courage to stick to it for YOU!

You deserve everything you’ve wished or hoped for..whether its fitting into a paid of pants, being able to keep up with you kids or getting off medication–it WILL be worth it if you stick to your plan! The feeling of accomplishment and knowing you decided your journey and didnt let anybody stop you is humbling and if I can help everyone I will. Accountability has been a huge part in my success, putting myself out there and sharing my story keeps me inspired that someone, somewhere decided to live because of me….depression, hopelessness and feeling ashamed is NOT worth your happiness or quality of life.

Get out there and create your future...believe you can and you will!”

Posted by Shawna with #becauseisaidiwould

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