June 2023 Worldwide Newsletter

From the Ashes…

It has been 18 days since a devastating fire razed our headquarters, operations center, commercial kitchen, and event venue, obliterating everything within. Our dedicated team has weathered a whirlwind of shock, grief, acceptance and unwavering resolve. While we remain steadfast in our commitment to overcome this crisis, it has become abundantly clear that we cannot write this comeback story alone.

10 years of keeping promises didn’t build a building or fill it with stuff; It built relationships. Now, more than ever, we need the continued support of friends and benefactors like you. Our transition will require new resources and different approaches to ensure we continue to support youth facing mental health adversities and families in bereavement.

Here are five ways you can make a pivotal contribution to this recovery effort:

  1. Join our Fundraising Team that meets weekly: email lexie@becauseisaidiwould.org to learn more.
  2. Get Your Company/Employer Involved! 
  3. Donate To Our Facebook Fundraiser or Donate through our website
  4. Start Your Own Individual Fundraiser with a goal of $250 or more:  Facebook Fundraiser or Through our website
  5. Donate Services, Equipment and/or Supplies 

BonusBook A Keynote Speech with the Founder Of Because I Said I Would The Work Continues

Our Plan After the Fire

Considering traditional construction may take up to a year and a half, we’re pivoting to new and different resources that can create impact with quicker launch times. This may be our only way to help young people and families when they need it the most. If you know of any individuals or companies that would be interested in supporting any of these three projects, please reach out to Lexie Brinker at lexie@becauseisaidiwould.org or 216.202.0983.

#1) Resiliency Workshop and Office Center

The fire took our only office and event spaces we have, leaving us to work out of an unreasonably cramped family room and living room in a one-bedroom employee house. However, amidst this adversity, we see a possible alternative solution that is already built: our storage barn.

By remodeling its interior, we can transform this space into a resiliency workshop center and functional office that meets our most essential needs. Such a change would not only boost our nonprofit’s productivity but also significantly lower the high stress levels our employees are currently enduring due to the challenging working conditions.

#2) Dog Therapy Center

Imagine a Dog Therapy Center that is prefabricated off-site, delivered to our camp and installed in a matter of a few weeks. The “Because I Said I Woof” center could collaborate with dog therapy nonprofits in the area, providing essential comfort to those facing mental health challenges. Additionally, this kennel house would be used by grieving families visiting camp, removing the stress and cost of finding pet care during difficult times.

#3) Outdoor Amphitheater and/or Commercial Tents

The recent fire unfortunately wiped out our only indoor space for large gatherings. Now, more than ever, we recognize the potential of an outdoor amphitheater and commercial-grade event tents. These structures could be built quickly and would fulfill our camp’s pre-existing need. By creating these open-air venues, we can host large-scale resiliency workshops, skits, plays, community events, and other camp activities. To speak to us directly about how you can help our recovery efforts, please contact:

Lexie Brinker
Fundraising & Development Coordinator