Laura survived one of the most notorious abuse cases in California history.

YouTube Interview:

This is Laura Cowan. I met Laura for the first time yesterday. She is a survivor of one of the most notorious abuse cases in the history of California. Laura’s ex-husband locked her and her children up in a garage where they were beaten and forced to live in their own filth. While in captivity, Laura gave birth to a daughter who was taken from her and raised by another women. Laura would eventually escape this nightmare by secretly slipping a 12-page letter to a postal worker.

Today, Laura is an advocate for the victims of domestic violence. She chooses to relive her experience to show others that there is a way out. When she heard about Because I said I would. on the news, she requested to meet with me. Her daughter is volunteering next week to pack promise cards.

Laura, your perseverance is an inspiration to survivors around the world. Thank you for finding the strength to help others. Fight the good fight.

Laura Cowan's promise