High School Chapters

High School Chapters:COVID -19 Response

Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, our High School Chapters have switched to a virtual format for the 2020-2021 school year with a focus on COVID-19 Response and individual accountability!

Because I said I would High School Chapters use evidence based curriculum and a focus on promise making to cultivate character development and social emotional skills in students. Chapters provide character development to students through:

  • Interactive bi-monthly Chapter Livestreams led by Founder Alex Sheen. Each session will focus on a different topic.
  • Monthly Promise planning and accountability sessions led by student leaders
  • A series of individual action plans for students to complete that help address issues brought on by COVID-19.

While our Chapter will continue to focus on character development and social emotional learning, this year’s curriculum will focus on highlighting student’s own personal accountability during this pandemic, as well as ways to fortify their own emotional well being.

Character Development

Character Development will be provided in our bimonthly Chapter Livestreams, that will cover topics such as: Accountability, Pre-commitment and Sacrifice. The livestream will be led by because I said I would Founder Alex Sheen, and students will join alongside fellow Chapter members, for a half hour interactive lesson. Livestreams will feature interactive activities, and promise stories highlighting real life examples of character in action. With the current pandemic, we also discuss ways students can get involved and take individual action to help others in their community. .

Promise Keeping and Personal Accountability

Our foundation is rooted in the accountability of making and keeping promises. Evidence in social sciences strongly suggests that accountability support from other people significantly increases goal attainment rates compared to planning and trying to motivate yourself. High School Chapters fosters accountability through the support of their peers and promoting best practices for promise keeping.

Chapter leaders, alongside their Teacher Advisors,will help facilitate the promise keeping accountability groups, that will be held after the livestream. Students are encouraged to share and update members on their promise, as well as make new promises throughout the year. Whether it’s graduating, standing up to bullying, donating blood or another commitment, students learn the obstacles that might interfere with keeping their promise and what strategies they can learn to increase a successful outcome.

Volunteerism through Individual Action

While in the past model, our Chapters performed group volunteer projects, volunteering doesn’t have to be a group activity. Because I said I would has always focused on individual action and how that can better the world around you. Our Chapter program will encourage students to help in the fight against COVID-19 by providing individual action plans for students to complete to help their own community, neighbors and more. Some of these Individual action plans include sewing face masks at home, helping seniors download and learn grocery delivery apps, and hosting a one person parade to help those suffering with loneliness during quarantine. View our individual action plans HERE.

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