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 Because I said I would High School Chapters use evidence based curriculum and a focus on promise making to cultivate character development and social emotional skills in students. Chapters provide character development to students through monthly workshops and four volunteer projects focused on service learning.

Research shows that teaching children character development and social emotional learning skills has a positive impact on their academic performance while also reducing negative behaviors. By teaching students fundamentals such as compassion, sacrifice, honesty, accountability and self control, they are prepared to enter higher education and their career fields, with competencies in academics, as well social emotional skills. 

“We both felt as though it was an incredible opportunity to help teach our students the importance of character”

– Chapter Advisors from Memorial Early College High School
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Character Education in Action.

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Character Development Promise Keeping Leadership Development Volunteerism

Character Development

We provide Character Development in our monthly meetings, where student leaders lead their peers through a character development workshop.Chapter members participate in over 300 hours of interactive character development curriculum including animated videos and activities. Our workshops cover topics such as:

  • Code of Honor.
  • The Courage of No.
  • Word Choice.
  • Limiting Beliefs.
  • Accountability.

Our workshops are designed to teach students how to apply these lessons to their everyday life and their promise keeping skills. Character education fundamentals like honesty, accountability, sacrifice and compassion are highlighted in our workshops. Each of our Character Development workshops include:

    • Animated video
    • Interactive activity and discussion questions
    • Organized PPT presentation with instructions and reflection
    • Detailed list of all necessary supplies and materials
    • Guided lesson plan for presenting

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Promise Keeping

Our foundation is rooted in the accountability of making and keeping promises. Evidence in social sciences strongly suggests that accountability support from other people significantly increases goal attainment rates compared to planning and trying to motivate yourself. High School Chapters fosters accountability through the support of their peers and promoting
best practices for promise keeping.

In our monthly meetings students are encouraged to share and update members on their promise, as well as make new promises throughout the year. Promise cards and Promise Planners are used to help guide students in making their promise. Each member is encouraged to make a promise to themselves, each other, their community and humanity.Whether it’s graduating, standing up to bullying, donating blood or another commitment, students learn the obstacles that might interfere with keeping their promise and what strategies they can learn to increase a successful outcome.

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Leadership Development

Our High School Chapter Program empowers students to take on a leadership role in their school, Chapter and community. Together a team of five student leaders, managed by their Chapter Advisor, work together to plan, manage and lead their Chapter. Student leaders are selected by school administrators and educators to fill one of the 5 Leadership Positions that focuses on a specific area of our Chapter. These positions are:

  • Chapter Leader
  • Volunteer Project Leader
  • Logistics Leader
  • Fundraising Leader
  • Photojournalist Leader

The student leaders facilitate each of our monthly workshops, in addition to planning four volunteer projects and one fundraising event. We provide specific, tailored leadership training to all student leaders, which allows them to build and practice effective speaking and communication skills, while learning the importance of reporting outcomes, collaborative decision making and team building.

Through their leadership role, students leaders gain valuable experience with event planning, reporting and documentation, networking with businesses and community organizations, marketing and recruitment. Our social emotional learning process helps students, both leaders and members alike, develop these skills to benefit them in their pursuit of higher education and their future career path.

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Students in our High School Chapters make and keep promises as a team and address needs in their local communities through group volunteer projects. Rather than simply joining existing volunteer initiatives, each high school chapter identifies, plans, and executes four separate independent volunteer events during the school year. After each volunteer experience, students carefully measure, report, and reflect on the impact of their efforts. Students who participate in service learning can gain many positive outcomes including:

  • Positive effects on academics and learning
  • Interpersonal development
  • Development of leadership and communication skills
  • Increased connections with professionals and other community members

It is our goal to inspire our young citizens to be active participants in their communities after graduation and to instill a lifelong desire to help others through volunteerism. We provide fully developed plans for projects that make an impact on various social problems; these plans outline the entire process from start to finish. High School Chapters can also use our Volunteer Project Plans as a blueprint for planning and executing their own independent volunteer projects addressing a specific problem in their local communities. Our Chapters have addressed needs such as literacy for youth, community beautification, social connectedness, food insecurity, and care for cancer patients undergoing chemo treatments, among others.

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