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On August 9th, a man sent a message to our Facebook page asking for my help. We receive thousands of messages each month, but this particular message was unfortunately unique. I understand that releasing this controversial video that may change the way you think about because I said I would. I know that everyone will not agree with my decision to get involved. I decided to help because the man who is sitting in this chair has something to say that I believe you should hear…


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Maybe Matthew would have been found guilty either way…but maybe not. Against all legal advice, Matthew decided to make this video and release it prior to any charges being filed against him. His goal is to raise awareness about the terrible consequences that drunk driving can have on innocent people.

After getting to know Matt, I can say with confidence that he truly regrets his decision that night. He describes the guilt he has as “insurmountable.” Knowing that Matthew has a tremendous amount of remorse for his actions, does that still mean he deserves years of incarceration? Absolutely. Drinking and driving is a serious crime; we must treat it as such. I know that it is harsh to say, but Matt’s regret will not bring back Vincent Canzani. We must enforce the law to discourage others from making this tragic mistake. I assure you that Matt agrees with me.

I deeply respect Matt for his promise to take full responsibility for what he has done. Since first receiving a message from him, I have tried to put myself in his shoes. What if I already felt as guilty as Matt does? What if I was truly reformed and swore to never make that mistake again? Would I still have the courage to accept what I deserve? I may never know the answer to that question, but I do know one thing… I will never drink and drive. No more excuses. No more “it was only a couple beers.” If I drink any alcohol, I’m not driving anywhere. I encourage you to make the same commitment and share your promise with #saveyourvictim. If you need a promise card, I will gladly send you some at no cost.

We encourage our supporters to donate to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in honor of Vincent Canzani. Simply click the banner below to donate. This project is not affiliated with MADD, but we certainly support their efforts. If you do not have the financial means to donate, that is quite alright. Just share this video link and do your part to encourage others to make a promise to never drink and drive:



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