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Next CohortNovember 15th, 2021


Resiliency Training is designed to help those individuals currently struggling with adversities in their life.

Through workshops, guided individual action, and accountability meetings, participants will learn habits and tactics to face their challenges head-on.

6-week online program:

  • Six Weekly Workshops
  • 45 minutes each

Personal Development Workshops

Practical habits and tactics can help make it easier to reach a goal. Our team has selected six topics to cover in LIVE workshops online. Interactive questions, polls and chat give you the opportunity to engage at a level of comfort you choose.

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  • Six weekly video calls
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 45 minutes each

Accountability Team Meetings

Studies show that goals are easier to reach when you do progress check-ins with others. Participants in this program are placed in Accountability Teams that meet each week online for 45 minutes.

Accountability team meetings…

  • Help you stay motivated
  • Provide new ideas and perspectives, and
  • Help you keep your promises

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  • One Project
  • Participant’s Choice
  • 3-10 Hours to Complete

Final Capstone Project

Put your training to good use. This independent volunteer project is financially supported by our charity, and our full-time staff is ready to help you succeed. 

Studies show that volunteering…

  • Improves your mood
  • Enriches your sense of purpose, and
  • Lowers stress


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Please note our Resiliency Training is designed to provide support and accountability throughout your journey. It is not intended to take the place of formal treatment for recovery and mental health services. We encourage everyone to seek proper treatment for their situation while utilizing our program for additional support.

Program Fees:

Alex Sheen is one of the foremost experts on accountability and commitment. Since 2012, he has delivered thousands of presentations to organizations across the world. because I said I would has developed a unique training program focused on habits and tactics to build resiliency. 

While we recognize that all promises are important to keep, this program is designed to help those with promises that are especially difficult to navigate This includes promises dealing with mental health, emotional health, addiction, new living arrangements, and physical health. Because of this criteria, this is an application-based program. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of acceptance. We apologize but please note not all applicants will be approved. 

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