Rotary Clubs Helping the Unemployed Face Hardship

Partner with because I said I would to make an impact within your city limits.

Your Rotary Club can support people in your local community who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Our 6-week Unemployment Transition Program is to lead participants to life-sustaining employment while improving mental health outcomes during this stressful period. Your Rotary Club can fund scholarships to attend this program and provide financial support for their families. Participants will be engaged with peer-led support teams, career-hunting resources and eight leadership development workshops, all delivered online.  

Because I said I would is a 501(c)(3) charity and we have worked with Rotary Clubs in Cleveland, Columbus, Athens, and many others inside and outside Ohio in other endeavors. We have built this new partnership to fight the growing unemployment crisis in America.  


Rotary Club of Cleveland had a 200-person volunteer event on the calendar. Due to COVID-19, they had to cancel the event. How could they ensure their club’s continued local impact?


The Problem: Volunteer Projects Cancelled


Rotary Club of Cleveland planned 200-person volunteer event that had be cancelled due to COVID-19. They still wanted to make an impact, specifically in the city of Cleveland.

The Solution: Revert resources to help the Unemployed


Rotary Club of Cleveland partnered with because I said I would.

  • Funded scholarships for 5 people to join our Unemployment transition program
  • Created $500 incentive stipend given upon graduation 
  • Offered through their network, sent email, posts.  

The Impact!


Rotary Club of Cleveland achieved their mission of service to others, advancing goodwill in their community.

Participant Testimonial

Ellen is currently enrolled in our Unemployment Transition Program, and is the recipient of one of the Cleveland Rotary’s scholarships and stipend. View her testimonial below.

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