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Akron: Serving a Summer Meal for Kids

In 2015 close to 22 million kids in America depended on school lunch programs. However, in the summer months, food insecurity increases and the access to nutritious meals decrease.

The Akron community stands with a 65.6% poverty rate. Many kids struggle with getting enough to eat in the summer when their school meals disappear. Federal nutrition programs that operate during the summer months only reach a fraction of kids in need and sadly are under utilized by the community. These meals are also only served Monday through Friday, leaving the weekend days as a challenge for some families. Together the Akron Chapter did something to help make a difference.

Members of the Akron Chapter of because I said I would made and handed out 100 nutritious lunches to families at Perkins Woods Pool, an area with a high poverty rate. While doing so we also promoted and handed out information on the Summer Lunch Program to help extend it’s reach and impact in our community.