January 2015 Worldwide Newsletter

Five photos that prove a promise matters

 January 2015                                                    because I said I would.


Five photos that prove a promise matters.
These pictures show how individuals are making a difference through promises made and kept. The because I said I would social movement continues to impact the world, but we need you. Help us help others by making a donation today, supporting our store or inviting us to speak at your event. Thank you for your support!

5.) What is he counting?
James keeps counting... James keeps posting these pictures. It is a count of how many months he has been sober. 
“It’s an amazing feeling to know I’m finally doing something right!”


Promise cards help keep people committed to fighting their addictions across the world. They are even used in programs at addiction centers. All great change starts with a commitment. Will you help us keep sending promise cards?

4.) Class is in session.

An incredible promise wall

Lilly is a sophomore at McQueen High School in Reno, NV. She posted this picture of a wall of promise cards that students at her school have filled out.
Her English teacher, Mrs. Newberry, has been teaching a unit about promises using because I said I would promise cards, videos and stories. Teachers around the world see this social movement as a resource to inspire the next generation. 
We would like to send wristbands to Mrs. Newberry’s students and to other classrooms around the country. Will you help us fund this effort to remind students about the importance of a promise?

3.) Volunteering at 52 nonprofits in one year

Watch Alex's top 10 moments

Alex Sheen, our Founder, made a promise to volunteer at a different nonprofit organization each week for 52 weeks in a row in 2014 and he has kept his promise. Watch this video of his top 10 favorite moments! 
Did you know that Alex gives speeches about the importance of a promise at events around the world? 100% of his fees are given to because I said I would, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Do you have a group that would benefit from hearing the because I said I would message?

2.) Look at that face!

One more rep!

“It will hurt, it will take time, it will require dedication and willpower. I will stumble and fall, but I will have the strength to get back up shake it off. And keep pushing because I’m not giving up. 2015 is the year I will be successful.”

Marialicia makes a promise with #becauseisaidiwould.

Make a promise to your health. Buy a because I said I would wristband or shirt and wear it to the gym as a reminder of your commitment.

1.) A gentle giant.

Matthew was their only son.

On July 27th, 2013, John and Kathy got phone call that no parent wants to receive. Their son, Matthew Kocher, had been involved in a water accident.

Standing at 6’4″, 248 lbs, Matthew Kocher (age 15) was a gentle giant. In memory of their only son, John and Kathy decided to make a promise. Their strength is truly inspirational. Watch the video of their promise story…






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