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Character Education Programs and Volunteerism
in Schools, Correctional Facilities and Communities

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K-12 School-wide Impact

With a focus on core values like honesty, accountability and compassion, our aim is to help build stronger citizens through sharing stories of promises made and kept. We wrap the themes around students in schools but sending letters home with parents and providing resources like promise walls, coaches kits, and promise planners.

High School Chapters

High School Chapters provide opportunities for service learning, personal development and volunteerism through the practice of personal accountability. Students go through seven lessons and participate in four volunteer projects.


Assemblies are a first step to engaging youth. But how do we continue the momentum and energy of an assembly to really make an impact? During the school assembly, we share stories of personal accountability from around the world. These stories encourage students to really think about the words they say and the promises they make – inspiring them to make and keep promises to better themselves, their school or their community. Because I said I would has engaged over 160,000 students across the country through school assemblies.

Workshops and Teacher Convocations

We conduct workshops that help attendees develop a stronger sense of accountability and integrity through practical habits and tactics. Fueled by our work in Character Education, these workshops are founded on evidence-based research and social and emotional learning (SEL) best practices.

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Recognizing that self-control is not easy, practice character development and social-emotional skills. Over a quarter of all incarcerated men in Ohio in 2019 will go through our program.

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College Partnerships

Partnering with colleges and Universities to infuse the because I said I would message in existing student organizations for personal development exercises and campus-wide events.

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All Audiences

Volunteer Project Plans

Sometimes volunteering with an organization can be challenging. But what if you could volunteer with your own friends, family or colleagues? Our Volunteer Project Plans (VPPs) give you the blueprint you will need to make an impact in your own community, including easy-to-use checklists that divide the project into distinct roles that work together to get it done. These projects are adaptable to fit group size and need.

Adult Communities
Independently organized to share promise stories, volunteer, and gain skills through personal development videos, discussions, and activities.

Promise Stories
We share inspirational stories through our podcasts, newsletters, social media, book, and through our organization’s Ambassadors.

Lesson plans
The average teacher spends $500 of their own money on classroom needs – We’ve helped over 300 schools by providing them with FREE resources.

Promise Cards
Built on the foundation of encouraging positive change and acts of kindness, because I said I would sends out ten promise cards to anywhere in the world for free. People use these cards to remember the importance of their word, for promises both big and small. With the assistance of our volunteers, because I said I would fulfills promise card requests out of our Cleveland, Ohio office. Thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours, over 11.1 million promise cards have been sent to over 153 countries.

Parent Kit 

We encourage parents to talk to their children about promises, accountability and building strength of character through our parent kits.

Badge Program
Members of school chapters, partners and the general public have access to our badge program where we recognize and honor those who have kept their word, gone above and beyond and/or improved themselves or their surrounding community.

Book Club

Groups of individuals gather to discuss with friends, classmates, coworker to discuss inspiring promise stories and their unique perspectives on what it takes to keep a promise.

Awareness Campaigns
In the United States and in many other places in the world, it is almost at cultural expectation that promises will be broken. Combined with other efforts, changing this culture will require awareness campaigns. Society needs to be reminded that promises still matter and a handshake still means something. If we can keep this thought in the minds of citizens, then maybe important promises will be kept, like quitting smoking, losing weight, or volunteering. Research from the Dominican University of California suggests that reminders are important part of the goal achievement process. Because I said I would has reached millions of people through awareness campaigns.

  • +30M media impressions through television and radio
  • +3.5 million views on YouTube
  • +115,000 Facebook followers
  • +250,000 people have attended live presentations
  • +10.3M promise cards distributed

At one point in time, the thought of “random acts of kindness” or “granting wishes for children” were not well understood concepts. It took a movement people and awareness campaigns for those efforts become part of our social norm. We will need the same energy to bring back the importance of a promise.

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