March 2015 Worldwide Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015                                                    because I said I would.


“You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show up.” 
– George Bell

Dear Supporter,, 

My team and I are working on a number of initiatives that we hope will make a positive impact on humanity. We want to build structured programs with schools, addiction treatment centers and other nonprofits to help keep people committed to good. We are building a plan to start because I said I would chapters around the world that will make unified promises for good. We are even contemplating publishing a because I said I would book where all the proceeds would benefit the nonprofit.

As our efforts continue, I want to thank everyone for all the love you have shown the movement. Without your promises, your contributions and support, we are nothing. See three incredible promises stories and other announcements below and never forget the importance of a promise.


Alex Sheen

Founder of because I said I would.

1.) Claire was shaken as a baby. 

Claire's promise video

Claire was shaken by a baby sitter when she was 11 months old. Claire’s parents made a promise to each other in the emergency room on the night she was injured.
In this journey of determination and perseverance, hear the story of a promise made and kept. See the promise card that Claire has written herself.


2.) The leaders of tomorrow…

See promise cards from young leaders

On March 21st, Alex Sheen, Founder of because I said I would, spoke to 3,600 high school and middle school students at a Future Business Leaders of America conference in Florida. Alex reminded the students that life isn’t just about money and financial success. A true leader honors their commitments and uses their strength to help others in need.

The students were encouraged to write promise cards at the end of the session and the results were amazing. We have compiled a photo album of some of the promises that were written.

Click here to see what they wrote…


3.) “This bad radio station…in my head…”

He writes something on his hand every day...

Bob’s friend passed away of a heart attack recently. Events like these make us reflect on our own decisions and our own lives. 
Are we really living life like we should? Bob’s answer was no. He had a “bad radio station” playing in his head, so he started writing a reminder on his hand every day…

Click the link below to see what he writes in this new video from because I said I would.


Watch Bob’s promise video


Tank tops are in.
NEW Tank Tops.
We have two new products that help support the movement. These tank tops come in a Unisex Tri-black  and a Women’s Black. 


We are running a sale on the tank tops until April 7th! 
Only $15! Click here. 
Colonel Parker Schenecker
New Official Speaker from because I said I would.
Colonel Parker Schenecker served in the U.S. Army for 27 years. While serving in the middle east in 2011, both of his children in Tampa Bay, Florida were killed by their mother. The Colonel’s story of perseverance and leadership after such heart-breaking tragedy is truly inspiring. 


The Colonel is now speaking on behalf of because I said I would and 100% of his  speaking fee goes to charitable causes. To learn more, click here.