Teacher in Winston-Salem, North Carolina uses “because I said I would” in lesson plan.

Adam Seipel, teacher in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, used because I said I would to create a lesson plan for his 9th grade English class. Although the project is not grade dependent, he hopes this message will help motivate his students to reach their goals and keep their promises.

Adam’s lesson plan:

Because I Said I Would Multimedia Project

Four Types of Because I Said I Woulds:

  1. One promise or goal that you have previously made that you did not fulfill
  2. One promise or goal that you previously made that you fulfilled
  3. One promise or goal that you have recently made that you are in the process of fulfilling
  4. One promise or goal to your future self about who you want to be


Three Tiers of Because I Said I Would Individual Project:

Pick two of the three following options

  1. Select one example of a Because I Said I Would from your past. It can be one that you were able to accomplish or one that went unfulfilled. Create a storyboard, comic strip or short video about the process.
  2. Create a Because I Said I Would for someone in your life right now. Create journal entries or blog posts about your journey of selecting the Because I Said I Would, working towards your goal, and, possibly, accomplishing your pledge. Additionally, you can fill out a Because I Said I Would card and mail it to the website.
  3. Make a Because I Said I Would pledge to yourself for ten years in the future. Ten years from now, you will be several years out of high school and possibly college. Many of you will have careers and family. This is possibly the most important of all of your pledges because it will impact your trajectory. For this one, you get to create a lasting reminder of your pledge. It could be a symbol that you keep in your wallet or purse, a website that features a video blog or a time capsule. This is your opportunity to show your unique talents and interests. Make me and, more importantly, yourself proud of your work. Additionally, you can fill out a Because I Said I Would card and mail it to the website.

Because I Said I Would Class Project

At the beginning of every semester, I make a pledge to my students that they will be pushed in ways that challenge everyone in the class. I strive to provide unique learning opportunities that students in other classes may never experience. In the past, my classes have made movies, created websites, and published books. Our task is to display one pledge from everyone in the class. The medium that we accomplish this is up to you. I pledge to you that I will help in any way that I can. Class, dream big. Let’s make an awe-inspiring collaborative project to demonstrate who we are, how we are skilled and the impact of keeping our pledges to others and ourselves.

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