After the traumatic unexpected death of my spouse…

“After the traumatic unexpected death of my spouse, I had difficulty moving forward. Rather than deal with the loss, I overfilled my time with meaningless activities to avoid the lonely stillness that followed. Things piled up around the house, which provided an excuse to keep others at bay. And rather than risk anymore heartache, I shut myself off. After all, as imperfect as it was, I had already lost the love of my life. As the years went past, this sentence I had doled upon my existence began to take its toll. I knew I had to take steps to start turning things around. Feeling despair and hopelessness, I wrote the following Promise Card pictured below. Shortly after, I began to see hearts everywhere. They may be common but I had never taken notice before. When I tried ignoring them, they appeared relentlessly. I have come to receive them as reminders of my commitment to clear space, stay open and accept all the love life has to offer.”


Look at all the hearts that this anonymous supporter started noticing …


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