October, 2020 Worldwide Newsletter

October 2020

Teacher Wins Founder’s Car

Alex called the winner of our 1960 Classic Car fundraiser and said that it was just a “thank you” call to supporters. But then he dropped the bomb 🙂 The car was appraised at $17,250. Listen to her reaction here

To fund COVID-19 prevention & response, our next fundraiser is for a $3,000 Home Office Makeover. Buy tickets today for a chance to win and a guarantee to support a good cause!

COVID-19 Promises

Admitted to the Hospital

Kelvin, Father of Three

“He was panting like a dog.” Stacie had a feeling this would be the last time she spoke to her father (Kelvin), so on the video call, she pressed record. Between breaths, Kelvin struggled to speak.

Kelvin’s other daughter and her boyfriend both tested positive for COVID-19 days before. They lived with him. When Kelvin arrived at the hospital, his blood oxygen level was at 26%. To put that in context, at under 90%, you should consult a physician immediately. The doctors and nurses struggled to understand how this man was even conscious. Kelvin was put on a ventilator. His wife died years ago of cancer, so his oldest daughter Stacie was listed as next of kin. Stacie would call the hospital often to receive updates.

“Could you please tell him his daughters called?”
“Could you please play Motown music for him so he could feel at home like we were with him?”

Kelvin was admitted to the hospital on Thursday, June 25th. Four days later, he died. The cause of death was COVID-19. Kelvin was 66 years old with no other major health conditions.

Stacie works at a school exclusively for children with developmental disabilities where students volunteer with because I said I would by counting Promise Cards. If you have ever received a pack, there’s a chance they came from her school. With no federal assistance available, Stacie and her sisters ran a GoFundMe to help with funeral costs. They will lose their family home to foreclosure.

Because I said I would will not stand idle as our country is ravaged by this disease. Months ago, we set in motion a plan to support families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19.

We are now prepared to offer support.

If you have lost a loved one to COVID-19 or know someone who has, please reach out to us…

Unemployment Support

Raw messages from the Unemployed

Our 8-week Unemployment Transition Program started Monday, October 10th. Over 100 people applied for scholarships. Here is why some of them joined…

  1. “Feeling so uncertain and don’t want to burden folks because they have their own stressors. I’m looking for supporting uplifting people.”
  2. “I was employed in the hospitality industry at the start of the pandemic. I was laid off during my maternity leave with my daughter but have been actively seeking employment ever since.”
  3. “I was impacted by a mass layoff (380 people) . After 25 years with a company who suddenly cuts your employment your confidence is torched. In the first week I created a facebook page for impacted associates to volunteer, support and network together. I refuse to be a victim and am trying hard to live bringing others up – which also keeps me up. This will help me hold true to that.”

Our next session begins November 9th and scholarships are still available.
To learn more & apply, please visit becauseisaidiwould.org/unemployment

To be honest, we are currently running the program at a loss because we are still in need of funding, but we aren’t going to let that stop us. We promise there will be at least one more cohort starting November 9th, come hell or high water. You can help fund programs like this by becoming a sustaining donor.

Habits & Tactics

Start a Virtual Accountability Support Club!

The world is upside down and you probably know people who are struggling. Let them know someone cares by starting an Accountability Support Club that meets weekly online. Talk about your promises each week and encourage each other.

 How to start: 

1.) Post this text to social media:

“I am starting a virtual Accountability Support Club that focuses on keeping commitments through these challenging times. That could be a promise you have to your physical health, mental health, family or whatever else you may be focused on.

Our club will meet every INSERT DAY at INSERT TIME for the next 6 weeks. If you’re interested in joining, message me and I will send a calendar invite with a video call link! The world is upside down, but that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to give up. We need to keep our promises now more than ever.”

2.) Send a repeating calendar invite to whoever responds.

3.) Use our Accountability Support Club Moderator Guide to help keep your group productive and positive.

4.) Invite clubs@becauseisaidiwould.org to your meetings and be entered to win free t-shirts for up to 25 participants!