Start an Accountability Club!

The world is upside down and you probably know people who are struggling. Let them know someone cares by starting an Accountability Support Club that meets weekly online. Talk about your promises each week and encourage each other. ​​​​

Keep it simple with these easy steps:

1.) Post this to social media:

“I am starting an Accountability Support Club that focuses on keeping commitments through these challenging times. That could be a promise you have to your physical health, mental health, family or whatever else you may be focused on. Our club will meet every INSERT DAY at INSERT TIME for the next 6 weeks. If you’re interested in joining, message me and I will send a calendar invite with a video call link! The world is upside down, but that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to give up. We need to keep our promises now more than ever.”

2.) Send Invitations

Send a repeating calendar invite to whoever responds.

3.) Use the Guide

During each call, use our Accountability Support Moderator Guide to help keep your group productive and positive.

4.) Keep us Posted!

Invite to your meetings and be entered to win free t-shirts for your entire club! We will send you a confirmation email when we’ve received the invite.​​​​

Accountability Support
Moderator Guide

This guide is a tool you can use to facilitate group discussion about promises in action. Whether a promise was broken, kept, or is still in progress, this guide poses thoughtful questions that can help the group learn and grow toward greater accountability together.

Download the guide