Enduring Habits Training

Grow your skills.

Manage your stress.

You are not alone.


Endurance Habits Training is for individuals seeking to develop and stick to a plan to face life’s adversities.

In this six-week online program, participants will learn new habits and skills through leadership workshops, accountability teams and a capstone project.

This program is designed by five-time TEDxTalk presenter Alex Sheen, the because I said I would staff, and our Mental Health Advisory Council.

6-week online program:

Six Personal Development Workshops

Practical habits and tactics can help make it easier to reach a goal. Our team has selected six topics to cover in LIVE workshops online. Interactive questions, polls and chat give you the opportunity to engage at a level of comfort you choose.

Six Weekly Accountability Team Meetings

Studies show that goals are easier to reach when you do progress check-ins with others. Participants in this program are placed in Accountability Teams that meet each week online for 45 minutes. Not only can these moments help you stay motivated, team members often have ideas or perspectives that can help you keep your promise.

One Capstone Project

We put the skills you learn from this training to the test through a capstone project designed to help others in need. Your capstone (an independent volunteer project) is financially supported by our charity, and our full-time staff is ready to help you succeed. According to Nationalservice.gov, 94% of people who volunteered in the last 12 months say that volunteering improves their mood, 96% say that volunteering enriches their sense of purpose of life and 75% say that volunteering lowers their stress levels.

People who volunteer have a 27% better chance of finding a job than those who don’t. Help families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19 and become more hirable at the same time. Group-selected service project that takes 3-8 hours.

Program Cost:

How much does it cost?

Due to the generosity of our donors, the cost of our program has been substantially lowered and these program fees are designed to create a sense of commitment to the program. However, your application needs to be approved in order to join. If your application is denied, we will reimburse your payment.

There are no additional costs associated with this training and we have no upsells to offer you. This is not a for-profit business. We are a charity and we have no interest in taking advantage of people who are going through tough times. We are here to help, and that’s it. Skepticism is healthy, so feel free to research the legitimacy of our nonprofit. 

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