September 2022 Worldwide Newsletter

Kenyatta says “no matter what it takes.”

“In January 2017, I left an [academic] advising appointment feeling so defeated. I was told I was not on track for May graduation. My new expected date was May 2018. Although I know (now) how common this is, as a first-generation student I couldn’t help but carry the feeling of failure.

Two weeks later, I was selected to attend an Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values [fraternity/sorority] conference in Indiana. The guest speaker was Mr. Alex Sheen, founder of because I said I would. His message of making and committing to a promise was so powerful to me, and truthfully right on time.

That weekend I wrote a Promise Card that said “I will graduate in December 2017, no matter what it takes.” The following semester, I worked two jobs, took 19 credit hours, and was actively involved in my campus organizations. It was hard, but my promise card was a reminder that I could do it!’

Since that weekend, I’ve incorporated because I said I would in many areas of my life; personal, academic, and professional. Here I am, five years later, a two-time graduate, and introducing this social movement to my students. Today we created Promise Cards. I appreciate the impact that one weekend made on me & I pray it does the same for others. Here’s to my next promise…”

– Kenyatta, a first-generation graduate from North Carolina promising to pursue a doctorate in education.

Kenyatta is currently teaching a college transition course designed to help first-year students adjust to university life and and take personal responsibility for their academic success. We sent because I said I would t-shirts to all of her 26 students. Thank you to our donors who made this possible.

If you’re still reading this, remember that doubting yourself is an inherent part of making promises. You can have feelings, but not believe them. As one of our long-time supporters, Katie Spotz, once said “It’s OK to believe that you can’t do it… but that doesn’t mean you’re right.” 🙂 and inspire others to keep going.

Do you have a promise story to share? Share a video or written story here and inspire others to keep going.


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