December 2014 Worldwide Newsletter

Major announcement from because I said I would.

 December 2014                                                    because I said I would.

The new video series from because I said I would.


 Dear supporter,

Today we are announcing the beginning of a year-long series of promise stories told through film. Prior to this new series, we have only released a single video of a supporter’s promise story. That video was rated by BuzzFeed as one of the “Most Important Viral Videos of 2013.” It showed us how a video can convince people around the world to make a promise to better humanity. We believe this new series, titled “A promise story“, will do the same.

Below are two links to the first two videos of this series. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see a new video each week. 

A new video titled
“Simply one day when he we out to drive to work he couldn’t start his car. His hand wouldn’t work.” 
A new video titled
He said, “There is no option.” Unfortunately, he is right. 

Host a Promise Wall at your New Year’s Eve Party!

Free New Year's Promise Wall

What is a New Year’s Promise Wall? A Promise Wall is a giant 6 foot by 3 foot promise card. People write out a promise card for the New Year and stick it to the wall as a symbol of their commitment.


Host a New Year’s Promise Wall at your New Year’s Eve party! Help us change the way people think about this important commitment. We have 50 Promise Wall kits that we want to send to supporters at no cost. 

Want to host a Promise Wall? Click this link and fill out an application: Let us know why you should be selected to host a New Year’s Promise Wall at your party/event. Up to 50 people/organizations from around the world will be selected. Deadline for submissions is December 17th, 2014 at 5pm.


Keep the momentum
The power of a promise. 
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