August 2016 Worldwide Newsletter

The Easiest Way to Explain “because I said I would.”

August Newsletter                                         
   because I said I would.

The Easiest Way to Explain because I said I would.

New _about_ video for because I said I would.

We have a NEW “about us” video called
“What is because I said I would?”
We are more than some Facebook page. 
We are more than promise cards. 


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New Fundraising Website for the Movement 

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Dedicate your wedding, birthday, a memorial, or a special occasion to
the importance of a promise.
You can now launch your own fundraising campaign for
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How to…

Because I said I would
Interview with Katie Spotz

Watch Katie_s Interview

Katie Spotz is the youngest person in the world to row a boat solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
As an attending member of our Cleveland, Ohio
chapter of
because I said I would, Katie sat down with us and provided her perspective on commitment.
Get tips on how to face adversity and remain committed from Katie in our new video.

A Promise Story

A Man Visits This Bridge Every Weekend

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Since December 19th, 2003, a man named Chen Si has been visiting the Yangtze River Bridge every weekend. Chen patrols the bridge on foot and on his motorbike, looking for people who appear distraught. The Yangtze River Bridge is the most popular place in the world to commit suicide.
Chen approaches people who are preparing to end their life and tries to talk to them. Sometimes they are already ove
r the railing, and he has to grab them and pull them back over.Through his commitment, Chen has saved over 300 lives since 2003. He talks to these people and helps in what little ways he can. For example, Chen helped Shi Xiqing, a man who tried to commit suicide because of the $15,000 bill for his daughter’s leukemia treatment, by phoning him every week and talking to his creditors.The movement wishes to show its appreciation to Chen Si for his dedication to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. If you know anyone who is going through depression, try to be there for them. We know it’s not easy to do, but someone has to. Please know that resources are available at and their hotline 1-800-273-8255.Fight the good fight.