The 4-year anniversary of because I said I would.

On September 4th, 2012, Wei-Min “Al” Sheen died of stage 4 small cell lung cancer. Today marks the four-year anniversary of his passing and the beginning of a movement to better humanity through promises made and kept. Alex Sheen, his son and Founder of because I said I would, recorded the video below in reflection of this unfortunate day. This video is not edited or polished and Alex didn’t really feel like making it. If you have ever lost someone, you may understand the type of thoughts that come with an anniversary like this.

We encourage you to make four promises in honor of someone you know or love. Share pictures of them on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter (@bcisaidiwould) or Instagram (@becauseisaidiwould) along with #becauseisaidiwould. If you don’t have promise cards, don’t worry. Just write them on paper. The more important thing is that the promise are kept.

Two supporters have already started.

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Watch the original eulogy Alex gave for his father at the funeral in 2012: