February 2022 Worldwide Newsletter

Living in a Library Parking Lot

The day their only child died, this couple felt they had lost everything. Then, their daughter’s precious keepsake box was accidentally ruined. Today, “home” is a van parked next to the local library.

Through homelessness, they met Jodi, a participant in our Resiliency Training program who is also experiencing housing insecurity. Jodi enrolled because she wanted to build new skills to help her fight through life’s adversities. To test her new competency and graduate from the program, she would have to complete a capstone project that involved making and keeping a promise to someone in need.

Jodi couldn’t help but think about her parking lot neighbors. With resources from because I said I would, Jodi created a new keepsake box to keep memories of their daughter safe.

Reflecting on her capstone project, Jodi felt it helped to pull her out of a depressive state.

I feel better knowing that I have helped my friends. I also know that I can continue to help [her] voice her feelings by being the best listener that I can be.

I want to be that shoulder she can cry on, if she needs it.”

Jodi is currently sleeping in a house with her own bathroom and access to a refrigerator. She can’t stay there forever, generosity doesn’t last that long. But hopefully it’s long enough to get back on her feet.

This is what resiliency looks like. Down, but not out.

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“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”

—Danny Kaye

 21 speeches in 16 days

The Founder of because I said I would is hitting the road again and delivering keynote speeches around the country. This includes 11 school assemblies that focus on resiliency and social-emotional skills. The teachers we are working with are telling us story after story of student suicides. Emergency room visits for suicide attempts rose 51 percent for adolescent girls in early 2021 compared to the same period in 2019 [1].

Do you know a school Alex should visit? We are putting together a list of places he should visit as he travels the country. Please let us know if you’re school is interested through this page.
Request a School Assembly »In March, Alex will be in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, central Virginia and Indiana.

“Altruism Is Not Enough”
“Why People Suck at Keeping Promises”
“because I said I would.”
“What all great superheroes have in common”

“What all great superheroes have in common”

1. Yard E, Radhakrishnan L, Ballesteros MF, et al. Emergency Department Visits for Suspected Suicide Attempts Among Persons Aged 12–25 Years Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, January 2019–May 2021. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021;70:888–894. DOI: https://emails.becauseisaidiwould.org/e/696223/10-15585-mmwr-mm7024e1/y1fxr/717184688?h=bPyjmzmjR85iXC0FrWAxlADqg0vcihuUNNPA2Hr_7pY

“You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show up.”

—George L. Bell