January 2022 Worldwide Newsletter

One of our 2022 New Year’s Resolutions is to evolve the way we communicate with our supporters.

Hey! We hope you’re doing well. 

Throughout January, we’ve been sending out focused emails, each covering a different topic. If you missed any of them, or just want to read them again, keep reading! We put together this recap to help keep you updated on everything that happened in our world over the last month. We’re working hard to make sure that our newsletters will always be worth your time—so if you have any feedback (good or bad), please let us know!

Chapters Update

Olentangy High School Unified Promise

Unified Promise: Valentines for the Elderly

On January 19th, 12 students in our Olentangy High School Chapter met to make promises and volunteer their time. Together they made a unified promise to reach out to local elderly citizens who have spent much of the last two years in isolation.

Students created an assortment of handmade cards to distribute to the elderly for Valentine’s Day. The cards will be delivered to local nursing home residents as a token of appreciation for their lifetime of contributions and sacrifices.

Interested in starting a chapter in your school district? Find out how.

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In Case You Missed It

Promise Kept after 8 Years

I wrote my card on 12/7/2013. I wanted it to be something special. My whole life I felt like I missed out, was “lesser” because I never went to college and I wanted to rectify that. I filled out the card and started an eight-year process…

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Productivity Tip: Take a #WorryNap!

Are you stressed by all the things you have to do? A Worry Nap may be the solution. Your mind will fixate on your problems, but you can capitalize on this energy by organizing them in a to-do list.

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Personal Development Getaway in Puerto Rico

Join us May 26th – 30th in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a personal development retreat. This trip includes a unique mix of experiences designed to press the reset button after a tough two years. Proceeds benefit the charity.

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